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Upcycling Workshop: Patches & Pockets w/Karen Chinchilla @ PAZ Lifestyle

Upcycling Workshop: Patches & Pockets w/Karen Chinchilla @ PAZ Lifestyle

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Have something that needs to be patched? Want to put a pocket on that t-shirt? Bring them to our upcycling workshop to make it happen!
Learn to DIY patchwork with Reclypt or let Karen of @nychinchilla alter it for you!

@ Paz Lifestyle - 119 N 1st St, Williamsburg, NYC 

How it works:

  1. Find 2 items you’d like to repair (preferably holes or easy fixes, though we're happy to accommodate more)
  2. Sign up for a time slot to
    1. Learn how to repair yourself
    2. OR consult with someone who will do it for you
  3. Show up to 119 N 1st St, Brooklyn at that time (Promptness appreciated) to start repairing
  4. Walk away with some upcycled fashion & maybe a new skill!
  5. Option of adding on alterations
    1. Additional cost may be necessary
    2. Limit 5 items (not all will be accepted)
    3. i.e. Hemming/shortening, seam repairs, simple dart, etc.

Please select a time & show up promptly!

Ticket Includes:

  1. All materials needed
  2. Consultation
  3. Small group instruction on patchwork hand sewing skills
  4. Refreshments (cocktails & tea)
  5. Helping to reduce carbon emissions from fashion waste
  6. Learning a new skill


Walk away with clothes you'll actually wear!

Why Repair?

The average NYC household throws away about 120 pounds of textiles a year. Which amounts to approximately 200,000 tons of clothing, shoes, linens, and accessories in total (& 10 times as much textile waste is being thrown away before consumers see the products). Learning to repair your clothes helps keep textiles out of landfills, which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage, all while promoting personal style and self expression.


About Reclypt

Reclypt is more than an online marketplace for upcycled fashion, we're strengthening the community that aims to eliminate disposable fashion. We're helping New Yorkers increase the longevity of their style, on any budget, through our online store, mending clubs, clothing swaps, pop-ups, blog, social media channels, panel events, and more. Reclypt aims to educate and engage New Yorkers on circular fashion practices, brands, and changemakers.

Style lasts longer with community.


About PAZ Lifestyle

Welcome to PazLifestyle! We bring you sustainable lifestyle brands through the mediums of art, culture, and aesthetics. Where centuries of craftsmanship and new generations align under one platform. PazLifestyle's philosophy is to bring you a path of equanimity through our products and services, which we closely curate to ensure that it fulfills one's mind, body and soul. It is the practice of choosing goods and services that meet one's diverse needs as well as our environmental needs.

The brands PazLifestyle has partnered with practice and support artisanal work, who approach business in a fair and responsible manner. The belief that as a business you have the opportunity to change the world, to be a force for good because the transformation is limitless. Our environmental responsibility today lies amongst the imminent changes coming in the next 10-30 years. Our work is restorative and wish to inspire you to be part of the journey with us!

About Karen Chinchilla

Karen Chinchilla is a third generation seamstress and tailor raised in New York City. Karen was always fascinated by fashion so it was only natural she develop this craft after being raised around it. Since graduating Parsons School of Design in 2005, she has  held tailor roles at Marni, John Varvatos, Miu Miu, Prada, Christian Dior and Alexander McQueen. At the request of her growing clientele and having earned the status of a master tailor she decided to start her own atelier. 

As part of the alumni of the Handcraft Tailor Academy, Karen Chinchilla is offering Handcrafted Men’s Bespoke Suiting.  We are happy to announce that we will be working under the mentorship of Rory Duffy, a Savile Row Master Tailor, to provide classic tailoring to our clients. To see our bunches and get a suit made please reach us by email. 

Karen specializes in high fashion, luxury alterations, red carpet preparation, custom pieces for women and most recently in true Bespoke Menswear Tailoring.

Why Upcycle?

Upcycling requires a lot less water and energy than buying new and recycling. It decreases textile waste, pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. Overall, the practice of upcycling clothes lowers the demand for new clothing production, which is extremely wasteful and destructive for people and the planet.


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Return policy

To encourage reduced waste throughout our supply chain, Reclypt doesn't offer returns, but
instead "Satisfaction Guaranteed".

We strongly encourage our customers to shop intentionally, but if you are not satisfied with a product from Reclypt, please reach out and will HAPPILY work with you to ensure your satisfaction.

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What is "Deadstock"?

Basically, any leftover fabric that is not being used. This can be untouched rolls of fabric, cut up fabric, or damaged fabric.

Nonetheless, it typically sits in a warehouse before it is thrown into landfills where it can take a life time to decompose, emitting harmful greenhouses gases as it does.

Also known by a few names, with “overstock”, “surplus fabric”, and “remnant” being the most common.