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Circular Stylist Appointments

Circular Stylist Appointments

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Consult with a circular stylist to elevate your journey & wardrobe.


Sessions include (but are not limited to):

  • Consultation & discussion (who you are, what you want (& don't), where you live, why you want a more circular style, & how to achieve it.)
  • Fitting (find what you like on your body, not what others tell you should like on your body)
  • Play dress-up with our vintage, upcycled, and rental clothes


Halima Garrett is the curator and designer for Threads of Habit. She is a New Jersey native who discovered the "thrill of the thrift" around the age of 9. In the late 90s, her grandmother ran a donation based thrift shop in Brownsville, Brooklyn. When Halima visited her grandmother she got first dibs on donations that were going to end up in the shop. She loved to sort through and keep a piece of clothing or two for herself.


Robyn T. Davies is an NYC-based writer & stylist who works through the lens of sustainability: maximizing what we already own, shopping secondhand, and buying intentionally. She publishes Dressed, a styling newsletter about how to dress better and wear your values, and styles outfits for clients using their existing wardrobe. She hopes to inspire women to play a part in the the ethical fashion movement by showing how being more conscious about shopping results in elevated, refined style.

Styling Services:


StyledbyStephanieinNYC is a styling serivce that focuses on minimizing textile waste. It is our belief that when you have clothes you absolutely love, you'll wear it more and less likely dispose of it. A fan of all aesthetics, StyledbyStephanieinNYC can dress you for any occasion using the garments that are already in your closet, curated thrifted garments, or new garments.

Why Upcycle?

Upcycling requires a lot less water and energy than buying new and recycling. It decreases textile waste, pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. Overall, the practice of upcycling clothes lowers the demand for new clothing production, which is extremely wasteful and destructive for people and the planet.


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What is "Deadstock"?

Basically, any leftover fabric that is not being used. This can be untouched rolls of fabric, cut up fabric, or damaged fabric.

Nonetheless, it typically sits in a warehouse before it is thrown into landfills where it can take a life time to decompose, emitting harmful greenhouses gases as it does.

Also known by a few names, with “overstock”, “surplus fabric”, and “remnant” being the most common.