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Transcendent Active

Bike Shorts - Black

Bike Shorts - Black

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Long line bike shorts that stay in place!


Know that feeling of having to constantly pull down your shorts because they keep creeping up? Yeah, well you can say bye-bye to that! Our long line bike short has a 9" inseam that stays in place. That means no more chafing and no more pulling in these comfortable sustainable bike shorts. Plus, they have pockets and are made from the same recycled plastic water bottles as our leggings. Wear them underneath your All Day Active skirt, one of our dresses, or just the way they are.

Ethically and Sustainably Made in Los Angeles.

Sizing, Fit and Fabric Information
These sustainable bike shorts feature power mesh in the waistband that holds you in place and won't fall down. They fit true to size, but if you are looking for a more compressive fit, please size down. The fabric is stretchy and offers just the right amount of support without taking your breath away.

79% Recycled Polyester, 21% Spandex

Because of the antimicrobial features of the fabric, these longline bike shorts do not need to be washed as often as other clothing. When you do wash them, use the cold setting with like colors and then let them air dry lying flat. Keep your dryer on low if you choose not to air dry. Check the care label for more information.

Pockets on both sides hold everything from keys to phones to wallets.

Flat lock stitching ensures stronger seams and no chafing.

Logo label at the hem.

Why Upcycle?

Upcycling requires a lot less water and energy than buying new and recycling. It decreases textile waste, pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. Overall, the practice of upcycling clothes lowers the demand for new clothing production, which is extremely wasteful and destructive for people and the planet.


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What is "Deadstock"?

Basically, any leftover fabric that is not being used. This can be untouched rolls of fabric, cut up fabric, or damaged fabric.

Nonetheless, it typically sits in a warehouse before it is thrown into landfills where it can take a life time to decompose, emitting harmful greenhouses gases as it does.

Also known by a few names, with “overstock”, “surplus fabric”, and “remnant” being the most common.