This vintage denim mini skirt was carefully curated from a thrift store in Brooklyn. It has been embroidered with flowers on a hand cranked chainstitch embroidery machine. This style embroidery is all controlled manually and produces a unique textured stitch that is aesthetically unmatched by today’s computerized machines. Each time a design is rendered it will be a little different because it’s done by hand, so each flower is still entirely unique.


Satisfaction Guaranteed: The mission of Untrend is to encourage intentional shopping. We want you to be in love with something before purchasing it and know for sure that it’s right for you, so we do not accept returns. However, we do understand that fit is a huge factor in loving something and feeling good in it, so we will absolutely work with you on an exchange if you have a fit issue or something you were not expecting regarding the construction of the garment. Every piece starts with an ordinary thrifted garment that we customize and make our own, so any piece available can be recreated with some variation on a different thrifted garment if an exchange is requested. We can also create a custom piece for you if you see something on the site that you love that does not come in your size. Please send Reclypt an email for more details on custom orders.

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