Reclypt's Mending Club

Join our mending circle whether you’re learning a new skill or growing what you already know! Participants have the option to sew their own Reclypt Mending Kit or work on a mending project they've brought. Please find more info on both options below.


Free to attend, donations encouraged.

Join our next Mending Club:

Sunday October 9th from 11a-2p

300 7th St, Brooklyn, NY (Park Slope)

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Reclypt Mending Kit:If you’re new to sewing, this is the best option for you! You’ll be provided with all the materials to walk away with your own starter mending kit and the skills to start mending on your own! Skills taught include, thread & knot needle, simple stitch, and buttons.

Personal Project:If you’ve dabbled with mending or have a mending project to work on, this is the best option for you! Please bring your hand-sewing projects to mend alongside others and/or to ask for advice. If you think you’ll need resources not provided, don’t hesitate to reach out to Reclypt beforehand, we may have what you’re looking for!

Provided by Reclypt to help with your mending project:



Embroidery floss


Scrap fabric

Darning mushroom (limited)

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