Reclypt's Mending Club

Reclypt's Mending Club caters to a wide range of skill sets.

We enable our mender’s to take on simple fixes like replacing a button, or more technical concepts like embroidering or darning. 

Our approach to mending helps facilitate skill development while working with a community to solve problems. Not only do we have experienced instructors on staff, but our community is experienced in a variety of skills and always willing to help others.

Join Us!

Saturday June 17th - Time TBD

Earth & Me Cafe | Astoria, Queens

Style Lasts Longer with Commuinty

Why Mending?

The average NYC household throws away about 120 pounds of textiles a year. Which amounts to approximately 200,000 tons of clothing, shoes, linens, and accessories in total (& 10 times as much textile waste is being thrown away before consumers see the products). Learning to mend your clothes helps keep textiles out of landfills, which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage, all while promoting personal style and self expression.

Mending is also a beautiful, meditative way to extend the life of your clothing and it makes a powerful statement about your values. At Reclypt, we know the joy of engineering your own repair.

Previous Mending Clubs

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Upcycle for the Climate @ Samsung 837 - 9/21/22

Clothes: Minded & Repurposed @ Isabel Varela/ChaShaMa - 9/10/22

Mending Club @ Aricoco/ChaShaMa - 6/23/22

Earth Love Fest Mending Club @ House of Yes - 4/23/22

Darning Workshop @ Pace University/ReFashion Week - 4/4/22

The Reclypt approach to mending

is unique in practicing radical self expression while amongst a community of like minded people who want to agitate the status quo of churn and burn fashion. Our belief is that if people commit more strongly and informed to the clothing they invest in, people will invest more confidently. Therein creating less waste. Snag that holey, needs-a-hem thrift shop find and bring it over. We’ll show you how to enjoy it for a long time.

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