Happens the first Thursday of every month!

On Thursday November 4th, a few NYC upcyclers met up at IXV Coffee in Brooklyn – it was delightful!

This first meet up, hopefully of many, brought together a diverse group who chatted about NYC specific business groups, where to find groceries with less packaging, Tik Tok, and more. Connecting this community leads to the best conversations! Read below for an overview and join us next time (December 2nd).

First, Rachel (Reclypt) and Rosie (Rosina Mae) grabbed coffee and a pastry while chatted about inviting a broader range of people: photographers, pattern makers, influencers, journalists, etc. Then, Jenny, owner of IXV Coffee, joined and introduced Danni (The Fleur Vestige) & Will to the group where we quickly got into the ugly side of Tik Tok. This lead to a conversation about too much packaging for groceries and where to shop with less. Aly (Untrend) stopped by and told us how she’s making an embroidered QR Code for Reclypt! After looking for parking for nearly 20 minutes, Luz (Stella Lucchi) joined and told us all about the best business groups to get involved with in NYC!

Hope to see you next time : )