Reclypt’s Mending Club at Refashion Week.

Tuesday April 4th @ Pace University Art Gallery.

BIG THANKS to Sarah Cunningham, Art Gallery Director/Assistant Clinical Professor.

Check out pictures from the event, more info on the skills covered, and Reclypt’s one-pager on darning below.

Darning, patchwork, & other basic stitches.

Darning: A sewing technique for repairing holes or worn areas in fabric or knitting using needle and thread alone; often done by hand.

Roger darning a hole in his sock!

Patchwork: Patchwork refers to joining shaped fabric pieces together to create a bigger fabric piece in beautiful designs. Traditionally, fabric scraps leftover from other sewing projects and salvaged from old clothes are used to make the patchwork pieces.

Gema showing off her patchwork!

Tri teaching Yinfan hand sewing techniques!
The group in person and virtual!