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January’s topics included Digital Fashion, FABSCRAP, The Coffee & Sustainability Club, and more!

Although these Meet-Ups typically these take place in person in NYC, January’s was held virtually on Clubhouse. The diverse and expanded quality of this larger audience means there will be more virtual events in the future : )

Digital Fashion

Bukola Dagiloke (@gfm-consulting on Clubhouse) started the conversations discussing the Metaverse and it’s potential impact on fashion. Discussion around Digital Fashion, NFTs, and more were continued with an NYC local upcycle designer, Aricoco Tabei (@aricoco on Clubhouse), and Prachi Joshi (@prachijoshi03 on Clubhouse). Reclypt & Bukola will be hosting a Clubhouse room about these topics and how it relates to sustainable fashion in February, stay tuned for details.

This conversation also lead to a discussion about the “Attention Economy” brought up by NYC local upcycle designer, Tres Jordan (@tresamigo on Clubhouse). As he put it, “getting all the likes” is difficult for sustainability. Camille Tagle (@camilletagle on Clubhouse) echoed this barrier as she’s faced with it’s difficult in her work at FABSCRAP, which she co-founded.

Likes, clicks, smiley emojis, hashtags, emphases — whatever the symbol evidencing engagement — results from the same market logic. It goes like this: The more time a prospect spends with a product, service, offering, idea, persona, or any other simulacrum of a brand, the better. After all, an engaged prospect is one who might take action. They just might buy what’s being sold if their interest is held long enough.

Forbes on The Attention Economy


We were so excited to have a FABSCRAP team member join our monthly meet-up as their work is a foundation of upcyclers in NYC! FABSCRAP is your one-stop textile reuse and recycling resource, with the goal of ending commercial textile “waste” and maximize the value of unused fabric.

“Where to present my Upcycled Clothes?”

Tres Jordan also asked the group about where to present his clothes. Upcycled fashion is fundamentally different from other fashion items for a variety of reasons, thus showcasing it for customers to see, touch, and understand is crucial. Camille from FABSCRAP asked anyone with the same question to get in touch as she has many resources. Also, local NYC upcycler, Ceci Zeichner (@ cecizeichner on Clubhouse) of Pochoir, mentioned NYC Fair Trade Coalition’s Community Center space in East Harlem.

Business Banking

I know, boring, BUT I brought this up because I am frustrated by my bank and wanted to see what others like me are using/liking. Bank of America and Chase came out on top, but for Point of Sale System for small businesses, Square, Shopify, and QuickBooks were recommended.

Coffee & Sustainability Club

Alex Morgan from EcoRate (@lexandermorgan on Clubhouse) told us all about his fantastic app to review and search for eco-friendly cafes. He also hosts a “Coffee & Sustainability” group meet-up at various cafes, follow to learn more!

Sanitation Foundation

We were also excited to have a member of the Sanitation Foundation team join our meet-up. Anne Whiting (@annewhiting on Clubhouse) is doing amazing work around the city, especially in preparing for ReFashion Week NYC. The Sanitation Foundation, formerly known as the Foundation for New York’s Strongest, is the official nonprofit partner of the New York City Department of Sanitation.

Sustainable Shoutouts!

Silvie Catalano (@silviecatalano on Clubhouse) joined the meet-up from Brooklyn. She works on the sustainability team for Beauty Counter, and discussed “measuring impact” and interesting topic for everyone involed in the sustainability space.

-Stacy Simmons (@stacy.simmons on Clubhouse) also joined to cheer on the sustainability efforts of everyone in the room. She works in sustainable apparel packaging and offered to chat with anyone interested.

Hope to see you at our February Upcycler Meet-up in person or virtually!