Collection: Eddys Brands

eddys brand is a more sustainable option for baby and toddler clothes. Our outfits are made with second-hand cotton sweaters that are unraveled and reknit into our durable garments. Our buttons are 3D printed with recycled plastic, creating no new cotton or plastic waste.
Founded by Carla Farina in 2017, a fashion designer with over a decade of experience in design, development, and manufacturing. eddys started as a shift from fast fashion design to sustainable design.

eddys goal is to create necessary things without creating unnecessary waste.

Our favorite initiative is our take-back program. We take back all of eddys items once your kiddo has worn it out, passed it down, and shared with friends! We also take-back any other used children's clothing and accessories. We currently partner with two local NYC organizations who take our collections and pass them to families in immediate need, it's an initiative that is fundamental to eddys vision.

The future at eddys involves shifting to a circular business model. We’re adding second-hand as an option for subscription, but not just eddys product, we want to offer basic items to help complete your kids wardrobe. We want you to be able to buy a second-hand capsule collection for your kid to live in and love for the few months to a year, then send it to level up to the next size.