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Mending Club @ Refashion Week

Reclypt’s Mending Club at Refashion Week. Tuesday April 4th @ Pace University Art Gallery. BIG THANKS to Sarah Cunningham, Art Gallery Director/Assistant Clinical Professor. Check out pictures from the event, more info on the skills covered, and Reclypt’s one-pager on darning below. Darning, patchwork, & other basic stitches. Darning: A sewing technique for repairing holes … read more


Fashion production is generating 10% of all greenhouse gases. Each year, 80 billion garments are produced, that’s 400% more compared to 20 years ago. As you can imagine, this has very harmful environmental, social, political, and economic implications. Long gone are the seasonal collections designed, produced, transported, and sold (then discarded – more on that … read more

What is Upcycled Fashion?

Creatively repurposing materials to make something new. Can also be called: Repuposed Zero Waste Reclaimed Reused Reworked & many more. Basically, turning trash into treasure!

NYC November Meet Up: Upcycle/Zero Waste/Repurpose

Happens the first Thursday of every month! On Thursday November 4th, a few NYC upcyclers met up at IXV Coffee in Brooklyn – it was delightful! This first meet up, hopefully of many, brought together a diverse group who chatted about NYC specific business groups, where to find groceries with less packaging, Tik Tok, and … read more

A huge problem you probably haven’t thought about: Returns

Heavy inspiration from this article in The Atlantic. TLDR: It’s estimated that 25% of returns are discarded, and another chunk are simply destroyed because it’s cheaper to throw returns away than to restock them. Last year alone, U.S. retailers took back more than $100 billion in merchandise sold online. This means those returns are doing … read more

Fan Girl Friday June 11th

Upcycling – why & where to find it The answer to fast fashion has an interesting history, and can be found on marketplaces in Europe. (For those of you on the state-side, stay tuned for where to find it locally). Our 60-second visual newsletter drops every Friday, please share : ) Look Meet Revibe, new … read more

Fan Girl Friday June 4th

Instead of throwing away old clothes, dye them! Upcycling includes dyeing clothes that are no longer used. Try it out this weekend – learn different ways to dye below! Our 60-second visual newsletter drops every Friday, please share : ) Look Our new featured designer, Edyta Halon of I Wander Through, dyes secondhand clothes using plants and … read more

Fan Girl Friday May 28th

A fashion CEO is now the richest man in the world Yet, of the the 1 in 6 people who work in fashion globally, less than 2% earn a living wage. Upcycling’s focus on slow fashion and fair labor helps combat this inequality. Drops every Friday, please share : ) Look Bernard Arnault, LVMH’s CEO, … read more

Fan Girl Friday May 21st

Why should we upcycle? Look at the tag on anything you’re wearing right now,then google how long that textile/material takes to decompose. Drops every Friday, please share : ) Look What is Upcycled Fashion – WHY? Listen Goods & Services specializes in custom shoe repair and 100% handmade shoes using traditional shoe making techniques. By … read more

Fan Girl Friday May 14th

Look What is Upcycled Fashion? Listen The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world and Americans send millions of tons of clothing to landfills every year. In this episode, EcoSense explores alternatives to fast and cheap fashion that look really good on the planet. (Click below to watch) Read First … read more