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Mending Club @ Refashion Week

Reclypt’s Mending Club at Refashion Week. Tuesday April 4th @ Pace University Art Gallery. BIG THANKS to Sarah Cunningham, Art Gallery Director/Assistant Clinical Professor. Check out pictures from the event, more info on the skills covered, and Reclypt’s one-pager on darning below. Darning, patchwork, & other basic stitches. Darning: A sewing technique for repairing holes … read more

February Upcycler Meet-Up!

Interested in upcycling/zero waste? Join Reclypt for our monthly meet-ups! Follow @Reclypt for details. February’s topics included painting on clothes, The Museum @ FIT, different ways to upcycle, and more! Although these Meet-Ups typically these take place in person in NYC, February’s was held virtually on Clubhouse. The diverse and expanded quality of this larger … read more


Fashion production is generating 10% of all greenhouse gases. Each year, 80 billion garments are produced, that’s 400% more compared to 20 years ago. As you can imagine, this has very harmful environmental, social, political, and economic implications. Long gone are the seasonal collections designed, produced, transported, and sold (then discarded – more on that … read more


Reclypt is the alternative to fast fashion, but why is one needed? Welcome to our multi-part series: Why do we need an alternative to fast fashion? Let’s start with what fast fashion is: Fast fashion is cheap, trendy clothing & accessories that relies on the exploitative business model of getting the newest styles to market … read more

What is Upcycled Fashion?

Creatively repurposing materials to make something new. Can also be called: Repuposed Zero Waste Reclaimed Reused Reworked & many more. Basically, turning trash into treasure!

How Did We Get Here?

When and how did we all start treating clothing like a disposable good? To sum it up: Industrialization, Copy-cat Culture, and Outsourcing.

Upcycling is…

Upcycling is more than reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. Find out here.

Fighting Social Injustice with Online Shopping

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the social injustices happening around us, use this opportunity to make changes. As the theme is “A Call for Social Justice in the Digital Economy” here are some tips on how to fight social injustice through your online shopping habits.

Summer Survival Kit

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The Top Mascara Picks to Grab at Mascara Madness

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