5 Reasons Why Clothing Swaps are the Best!

5 Reasons Why Clothing Swaps are the Best!

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For those new to the idea:

A clothing swap is a party where attendees bring clothing and accessories they no longer want, to swap them with other peoples' valued but unwanted items.

In an effort to eliminate disposable fashion, Reclypt helps facilitate clothing swaps. Saturday, November 5th, we are teaming up with Starta Ventures & Memoir Design Studio to sip wine, discuss sustainable fashion, mingle, and SWAP at 220 E 23rd St, New York, NY 10010 from 3-7p.

Whether it's a few people, a larger event, close friends, and/or randos, swaps truly are the best! Here are 5 reasons why:


You, you're old friend, and you're new friend at a swap

#1 (& most underrated)

Meeting cool people!

-Don't know what it is BUT people who care about the impact of their style can hang

Ask anyone who's been to a few swaps and it's very likely that they've made lasting connections with people they've met at a swap. Even if you're not an outgoing person or someone who is seeking new friendships, you will connect with someone at a swap!

You'll have to try really hard to not make a new connection, but if you don't want to, all the more reason to invite friends to join you at swaps (see previous blog post). It's an inexpensive, sustainable, fun way to spend time together!



Swaps reduces carbon emissions & energy usage Look back at disposable fashion, Walk into a green future

-Clothing swaps divert textiles from landfills. Keeping textiles out of landfills reduces greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage.

As textiles (clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.) decompose they emit harmful greenhouse gases directly contributing to climate change.

Swaps require less energy usage across the fashion supply chain (including end of life).

First, they reduce demand for new clothing production. Second, they keep textiles in circulation longer. Research has shown that increasing the longevity of clothing, even for only a few months, has enormous environmental benefits. Lastly, swaps keep textiles local, thus avoiding the energy heavy second-hand clothing market supply chain (think: NO packaging, shipping, machine sorting, recycling, dumping, etc.)


Saving money AND doing good?!


Swaps are a low to no cost way to switch up your wardrobe

-We all get sick of our clothes, swaps provide a financially responsible option to revamp your closet.

The fashion industry works because they make us feel like we're constantly off "trend"; swaps allow us to maintain our personal style while keeping up with trends too. We're not going to buy our way out of this [environmental, social, economic, etc.] mess! If you're being told to buy something, think twice about how sustainable it is. Swaps are a perfect example of effective low cost sustainable practices.



Swaps are a fun group treasure hunt!

Swap people got each others' backs!

-Swaps encourage teamwork, allow us to see where our clothes go next, and are just an all around good time! 

There's an empty/unknown feeling when you drop your clothes for donation. Often those donation end up in a landfill in an emerging/developing nation's landfill (dumping the fashion industry's problems on someone else).

Swaps are best done with friends, whether you came together or met at the swap (see: 15 tips for swaps). Finding something you were looking for at a swap (another tip: make a list beforehand) is more achievable with friends helping you out. The more eyes you have looking for that graphic tee the more likely you'll find it!

At swaps it's exciting to see someone else pick your clothes and/or tell them the anecdotes about what they piece has seen (or not - it's estimated that 20% of clothes are never worn).

Swaps are a party and you should act accordingly!


F*** YOU Fashion Industry!


It's an act of rebellion against the fashion industry.

We are all waking up the the fact that the fashion industry is disastrously harmful for people and the planet. But what are we going to do about it?

Although the clothes you get at a clothes swap aren’t guaranteed to have been ethically nor sustainably made, the simple act of you swapping is!

Not contributing to this unethical industry, which puts profit before people, is how we fight back. Reclypt offers a bunch of other ways to rebel against the fashion industry (mending clubs, community events, upcycled clothing marketplace, and more); so sign up for our emails to learn all the ways you can fight back! 



So, you know that pile or bag of clothes you keep meaning to donate, here's your answer.

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