Why Upcycled Fashion?

Why Upcycled Fashion?

TLDR: A lot of fashion ends up in landfills and as it decomposes (which takes a long time) it emits harmful greenhouse gasses directly contributing to climate change. This is not to mention the social, economic, and political implications of the fashion industry, but more on that in other posts! Upcycling diverts fashion from landfills giving them a new life.


-The average NYC household throws away ~120lbs of textiles @refashionweeknyc 🚮

-For every pound of post consumer waste, there is 10lbs of fashion industry waste @fab_scrap 🤯

-85% of textiles (our clothes, unused rolls of fabric, sample products, etc.) end up in landfills 🗑

-As textiles decompose (on average 10-100 years), they emit harmful Greenhouse gases ☢️

-Synthetic textiles (I.e. polyester, which makes up a majority of our clothes) can take 200 years and will never fully breakdown (it’s basically plastic) ⚠️

-This directly contributes to climate change (not to mention the social, economic, and political implications) 🌎

-Upcycled fashion diverts textiles from landfills giving them a new life.

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