What to do with those unwanted holiday gifts?

What to do with those unwanted holiday gifts?



So what's your plan for that pile of unwanted gifts that you got over the holidays? Or that outfit you bought for one holiday party but doubt you'll wear again?

We all do it! 3 in 5 Americans lied about liking a gift they received over the holidays.


It may seem obvious to tell you not to throw away your gifts but 1 in 3 Americans do, so please don't do that.

Another option that may be obvious is returning gifts, but if you can avoid returns please do - 25% of returns end up in landfills!


REMINDER: Textiles in landfills increase greenhouse gases which directly impact climate change; not to mention negatively contributes to social injustices, gender inequality, and mental health. 


Ok, now that you're overwhelmed, here are some options.

SWAP - It's free!

  • Make sure to follow Reclypt, we host swaps all the time!
  • If you're not in the NYC area, search Eventbrite for "Clothing Swaps"
  • Host your own swap! Invite your friends (with the best style) to come over and bring their unwanted clothes too!

UPCYCLE - big or small...

  • ...you'll be delighted to respond "I made it myself" when people ask you where you got your clothes from!
  • Hop on YouTube/Pinterest/TikTok to learn a few tricks to repurpose those clothes into something you'll actually wear
  • Reclypt offers upcycling workshops, the next in Jan 21! Learn a few ways to upcycled your clothes!
  • Find a design who's style you like and reach out to customize!


SELL - ain't no shame!

  • Put those clothes on Poshmark, Ebay, Craigslist, TheReaReal or bring them to a local thrift store! Get some cash and store credit to get yourself something you'll actually wear.

RENT - If you haven't tried rental yet...

  • ... what are you waiting for?
  • In NYC, we recommend Pickle, but there are other options all over. Leave suggestions in the comments!
  • Earn a little cash from that gift
  • Once you start renting, you'll wonder why you ever buy clothes!

TAILOR - If your clothes don't fit you won't wear them

  • Most of the time, you don't wear something because you don't like how it looks on you. But tailors can change that! Bring your pieces that just don't look right to your local tailor and you'll wonder why you don't tailor everything!
  • Even a simple hem can do the trick! Reclypt offers workshops on hemming 101 - join us!

REGIFT - Keep a box of unwanted gifts then when you need a gift... 

  • ... check that box first
  • Before you say "that's tacky" I can pretty much guarantee that you've been regifted to. We all do it, but don't admit it. 

DONATE - a direct donation is best!

  • We love that good karma coming back to you BUT unfortunately more donations that we'd like go to landfill; so if you cannot find someone/thing to directly donate it to, dropping unwanted gifts to a donation center works just fine!


What are other things you do with unwanted gifts? Let us know in the comments!

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