What to do at the Playground?

What to do at the Playground?

Whether you live by your calendar or like to go with the flow, you'll want to check out what's going on and when at the Playground! 

Exhibits & activations will be going on the entire weekend while workshop and panels will be changing!

Reminder, two-day passes and going with a friend is cheaper : )


What's going on all the time at the Playground?

Play Dress-Up with our Stylists:

Welcome to our closet! Create looks from vintage, upcycle, and rental fashion and/or work with a stylist to put together a curated look!

Repair Cafe:

Bring your items that need light repairs and/or tweaks!

Swap Shop:

No more than 5 clothes per attendee.

Embroidery Tattoo Parlor:

Upcycle your clothes with an embroidered tattoo and/or patch a hole!

Fashion Art Gallery & Resource Library:

Take in knowledge/beauty in our own time!


Know Your Measurements:

Sign-up in advance encouraged!

Tie-Dye Workshop:

Bring a piece to tie-dye or work with Manhattan Bleach to source one!


Panel Atelier:

Stay tuned for panelist revealed & more info!

Comedy Fashion Show:

Fashion Shows are boring, enjoy some comedians in upcycled fashion instead!


Natural Painting:

BYO Inner Child.


Panel Atelier:

Stay tuned for panelist revealed & more info!

Hila the Earth Performs:

Stop by after the Climate March!


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