What is Reclypt?

What is Reclypt?

In 2021, we started as an online marketplace for upcycled fashion but we're way more than now. 

We're taking this summer to slow down and reflect in order to build a better Reclypt. We'll still host a few events (preview at the bottom) and our marketplace is always open, but our main focus for the summer is to build systems that help us and the circular fashion community grow.

Here are a few highlights from the past year and a half.

Nov 2021

Reclypt's marketplace launched.

Jan 2022

All brands make a sale during this month

April 2022

Reclypt hosts it's first formal mending club.

Sept 2022

Reclypt brings it all together at The Upcycle Fashion Forum.

Dec 2022

Reclypt Holiday Party/1 year Celebration.

Jan 2023

Reclypt's Holiday Hangover Cure/Upcycling Workshop

Feb 2023

Reclypt's first Best of the Best Clothing Swap 

March, April, & May 2023

Reclypt launches Knitting 101, Mending 101, & Embroidery 101

June 2023

Reclypt hosting first ever Fabric Swap

Summer 2023

Take all of this activity, support, programming, partnerships, etc. to make a clear path forward for Reclypt.

Sept 2023

SAVE THE DATE: Circular Fashion Festival

Oct -Dec 2023

SAVE THE DATE: Circular Holiday Season
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