Upcycling Workshop RECAP!

Upcycling Workshop RECAP!

This past Saturday Reclypt hosted an upcycling workshop and it could not have been more fun!!

The day started with a *classic* NYC twist - the L train wasn't working so we couldn't get into the workshop space (thanks Starta VC!) until 15 minutes before the event was scheduled to start. Luckily, Reclypt and the workshop instructors are pros and snapped right to work with no stress.

Tri, Community Operations, started the event with our panel, Holiday Overconsumption: Reflect and Rework.

Panelists: Aly (Untrend), Carla (eddys brands), & Danielle (Front Porch Threads)

She and our panelists/instructors discussed their background, sustainable fashion journey, and how they manage, both personally and professionally, during a holiday season built on overconsumptions. Here's a tip from Carla (eddys brand),

"Secret Santa but instead of just picking a name, everyone write down a few gifts they *actually* want on the piece of paper too!" 

Next, the group played Holiday Overconsumption Trivia!

Participants and panelists tested their knowledge of the holiday season with a few facts on overconsumption during the holidays. Check out the questions and correct answers below. 

 When you know you're not alone in your actions, habits, and feelings it's easier to seek and find help. Reclypt is here to help you keep your clothing & accessories out of landfill!

Then, the upcycling happened!

Thanks to our first ambassador, Jaegi, for this picture. Participants were welcome to learn any/all upcycling skills they wanted by rotating through the 3 workshops: Hemming 101, Denim & Clothes Upcycling, & Yarn Sourcing 101 (from left to right).

If you were there, thanks so much for coming out - comment your favorite part and/or next workshop you want below : )


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