Reclypt's Holiday Gift Guide

Reclypt's Holiday Gift Guide

I can't be the only one struggling with sticking to my sustainable values during the holiday shopping season, right?


Reclypt created a gift guide to help you stick to your sustainable values! 

  • Gifts don't have to be new
  • Gifts don't have to be "things"
  • & gifts should reflect your values!


 If you prefer second hand, thrifted, or vintage check out these gift options!

No New Clothes


If you care about who made your clothes, these gifts are women, LGBTQ+, BIPOC owned brands.

Who Made My Clothes?


If you're all too aware of how much perfectly good material ends up in landfill, gift these deadstock, surplus, and salvage made products.  

Keeping Textiles Out of Landfills


If you want to ensure the garment workers are ethically treated, these hand stitched, painted, and dyed gifts are for you!

Ethically Made Gifts


BONUS Gift from brands we love : )


- Gift Card to come Shop reclaimed materials with FABSCRAP! Perfect gift for someone who is looking to learn how to sew and wants to be sustainable (Price: minimum amount is $10)
- Shop FABSCRAP's Featured Designers who center textile waste in their work: The Juicebox Workshop & ANYBAG (Price: ranges from $38-$113, depending on the item)
- Volunteer with FABSCRAP to help sort through textile waste! For the person who loves an experience as a gift, plus a great way to spend time together while making a difference <3 (Price: FREE!)
- Donate to FABSCRAP! Perfect way to contribute to a cause your loved one cares about! (Price: Any amount is appreciated!) 

Custom Collaborative

Custom Collaborative trains, mentors, and advocates for and with no/low-income and immigrant women to build the skills necessary to achieve economic success in the sustainable fashion industry and broader society. 


Visit their East Harlem or Times Square location!

Bringing together a fair-minded community of creative entrepreneurs and individuals.



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