Move for the Planet 5k + Upcycling Workshop

Move for the Planet 5k + Upcycling Workshop

Join your ARNYC Captains as we Move For The Planet with a community style 5K that drives collective change!

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June 3rd 2023 | 8:00a | adidas Hudson Office | 435 Hudson Street, NY, NY 

5k then Upcycling Workshop!

Following the 5K run we are excited to host an upcycling opportunity for our community to give new life to their old running clothes. This is an event that combines sustainability, creativity, and community-building all while making a positive impact on the environment.
As we partner with local creatives, DeeDeeDesigns and Reclypt we'll provide access to learn about sustainable fashion. Each community member will have the opportunity to upcycle two garments with a creative or via heat press and additionally donate clothing and sneakers to underserved runners in Bolivia.



The average NYC household throws away about 120 pounds of textiles a year. Which amounts to approximately 200,000 tons of clothing, shoes, linens, and accessories in total (& 10 times as much textile waste is being thrown away before consumers see the products). Treating clothing as a disposable commodity directly contributes to climate change, gender inequality, social injustices and more.

A great way to keep clothes out of landfills is to mend and upcycle them! Reclypt is helping to eliminate disposable fashion while encouraging personal style and self expression by teaming up with Adidas Running Club to educate and engage New Yorker Runners about fashion waste and empower them to make small changes in their own lives!

About this event 

Get started or grow your mending journey! 

~If you have clothes that need mending, bring them! You’ll work with someone from the Reclypt community to get them repaired.

Examples of mendables include (but are not limited to)

  • Rips/tear
  • Holes
  • Shorten/hems

~If you have clothes that just need a creative update, bring them! You’ll work with someone from the Reclypt community to upcycle them.

Examples of upcycling include (but are not limited to)

  • Fringe
  • Minor stylistic adjustments
  • Embroidery embellishments
  • Patches

~If you want to learn basic mending skills, just show up! We’ll have instructors ready to teach basic mending skills to tackle your own repairs.

Skills Include (but are not limited to):

  • Simple hem with a Running stitch
  • Sewing Buttons
  • Embellishments with embroidery
adidas is partnering with Common Goal to educate communities in need on sustainability through sport. Between June 1- 12, for every 10 minutes of movement tracked in the adidas Running app, adidas will donate €1 to Common Goal to fund these projects – up to € 1.5m.

About Reclypt

Reclypt is more than an online marketplace for upcycled fashion, we're strengthening the community that aims to eliminate disposable fashion. We're helping New Yorkers increase the longevity of their style, on any budget, through our online store, mending clubs, clothing swaps, pop-ups, blog, social media channels, panel events, and more. Reclypt aims to educate and engage New Yorkers on circular fashion practices, brands, and changemakers.

Style lasts longer with community.

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