Get Involved in our Circular Fashion Playground

Get Involved in our Circular Fashion Playground

We can all jump right back into a great experience at the playground.

Perhaps it was using the monkey bars for the first time, imagining the playground as a pirate ship with your friends, or learning how to “pump” on the swing.

These playground experiences introduce an exciting way to explore and adapt circular fashion in our lives.

Reclypt’s Circular Fashion Playground will provide experiences to foster lasting practices & community such as swapping clothes for the first time, imagining the different ways you can upcycle your clothes with friends, or learning how to “darn” your socks. Our vibrant and interactive environment will encourage participants to play with circular fashion alongside the Reclypt community to learn and grow practices and methods that work best for them.

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    Playground Offerings:

      • Circular Styling: w/Fit Check Photobooth
      • Repair Cafe: Work with skilled tailors and menders to repair, reimagine & repurpose your clothes
      • Swap Shop: Exchange gently-used pieces no longer worn for something new-to-you (5 max)
      • Panel Atelier: Listen, Learn, & Engage with Changemakers (Topics include: Fashion, Waste + Climate, Women Budling Community to Fight Climate Change, What Isn't Upcycling, All About Vintage, Navigating the Circular Business Model, Second-Hand Clothing Market, & more!)
      • Upcycle Fashion Marketplace: Featuring Local NYC Brands
      • Skill-Sharing Space: Learn basic skills to start to repair, upcycle, care for, embellish, and maintain your clothes!
      • Embroidery Tattoo Parlor: Have your clothes upcycled with a vintage hand-crank embroidery machine & learn about it too! 
      • Rental Corner: Explore cost effective and ethical ways to keep up with
      • trends, add variety, and switch-up special occasion outfits. Learn more, drop-off, and/or try-on!
      • Fashion Art Gallery: Eye-opening exhibits on fashion waste, innovative upcycling, and timeless fashion.


      Ticket Includes:

      • Self-exploration of all playground offerings (see below)
      • Performance by Hilla the Earth
      • Comedy Fashion Show
      • Interactive & Educational Exhibits
      • Meeting like-minded people
      • Access to workshops, panels, and repair services
      • Live upcycling, repairing, making, and more!
      • Value of $100+

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