Explore Circular Fashion like a Playground?!

Explore Circular Fashion like a Playground?!

Exploring Circular Fashion:

A Playful Journey Towards Sustainable Style

In recent years, consumers have become increasingly aware of the harmful impact of fast fashion on people and the planet, but don’t know where to turn. Circular fashion has emerged as a promising solution, yet barriers such as accessibility and unfamiliarity have left it unexplored. The concept of circular fashion revolves around designing, producing, and consuming clothing in a way that minimizes waste, maximizes resource efficiency, and promotes longevity. Reclypt is bringing together their community to embark on a playful journey towards exploring circular fashion using an innovative playground model.


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What is Circular Fashion?

Circular fashion is a departure from the traditional linear model of "take, make, dispose." Instead, it follows a cyclical approach, where materials and products are continually reused, regenerated, or repurposed. This closed-loop system aims to reduce the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry while encouraging creativity, personal style, and community.

The Circular Fashion Playground

We can all jump right back into a great experience at the playground. Perhaps it was using the monkey bars for the first time, imagining the playground as a pirate ship with your friends, or learning how to “pump” on the swing. These playground experiences introduce an exciting way to explore and adapt circular fashion in our lives.

At Reclypt’s Circular Fashion Playground will provide experiences to foster lasting practices & community such as swapping clothes for the first time, imagining the different ways you can upcycle your clothes with friends, or learning how to “darn” your socks. Our vibrant and interactive environment will encourage participants to play with circular fashion alongside the Reclypt community to grow and build the practices and methods that work best for them. 

Here's how it’ll works:

  1. **Circular Styling**At the playground's entrance, a photo booth will be set up to capture attendees’ fits, as circular fashion outfits will be encouraged. Stylists, as well as vintage, thrifted, & upcycle fashion will also be available. 
  1. **Upcycled Fashion Marketplace** Inside the playground a marketplace for upcycled fashion will feature local and independent NYC brands, to inspire low-level engagement. Participants can learn about how each brand upcycles, empowering them to make informed choices and embrace sustainable sourcing, allowing their first taste of circular fashion.
  1. **Skill-Share Space** Proceeding through the playground, various skill-sharing workshops will be taking place continuously. Attendees will sign up for the workshops they want to attend, lead and instructed by Reclypt community members. Workshops range from darning socks to hand-stitch embroidery, visible mending to upcycling leather with an emphasis on repairing and upcycling.
  1. **Panel Atelier** In the back of the playground, attendees are welcome to listen, learn, and engage with circular fashion changemakers. Topics such as “Fashion + Climate”, “Dy-mystifying Circular Fashion”, “Ask a Tailor”, “How to Spot Greenwashing”, “Pre-consumer Fashion Waste”, and more will educate attendees on all things circular fashion.
  1. **Swap Shop** At another section of the playground, attendees will find a "swap shop" facilitating clothing exchanges. Participants can bring up to 5 gently-used garments they no longer wear and exchange them for something new-to-them. This fosters a sense of community and reduces the need for constant purchases, thereby extending the life cycle of clothing items.
  1. **The Repair Cafe** Inside the playground, a creative space is dedicated to repairing clothes, while coffee is being served. Skilled tailors and menders help participants reimagine and repurpose old garments into fresh styles, tailored to individual preferences. By learning repair and alteration techniques, people become more invested in their clothing's longevity.
  1. **Timeless Fashion Exhibit** A stunning exhibition showcases timeless fashion pieces that transcend trends and seasons. This inspires participants to invest in high-quality, durable clothing that stands the test of time, reducing the overall demand for disposable fashion.
  1. **Rental Corner** Venture into the rental corner to learn about and try on rentable clothes. Attendees can engage with this cost effective and ethical way to keep up with trends, add variety to their wardrobe, and switch-up with special occasion outfits.
  1. **Fashion Library** At the heart of the playground is a "fashion library" filled with books and resources on sustainable fashion, circular economy principles, and local changemakers. Visitors can educate themselves about the environmental impact of fashion and learn how to become more conscious consumers. Great option for attendees who need some quiet time and/or a break. Vintage fashion photography will also be projected for viewing.
  1. **Drop a tote, take a tote** Need we say more? We all have so many totes. This station allows attendees to swap, upcycle, and repair tote bags in a self-lead workshop style.
  1. **Discarded Fashion Exhibit** An eye-opening exhibition showcases discarded clothes to represent how much the average New Yorker throws away each year. This puts fashion waste into perspective how much is thrown away to motivate participants to repurpose, repair, and rewear.
  1. **Embroidery Tattoos Parlor** Participants can watch a vintage hand-crank embroidery machine in action as it upcycles their clothes with embroidery tattoos. They can also learn about the machine and how it works!


Why a Playground Model?

- **Engaging Education:** The playground model brings sustainability to life, making it fun and interactive for all participants. It bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation, empowering people to make real changes in their fashion choices.

- **Creative Exploration:** The playground's emphasis on reuse, rewear, and repair encourages creativity and originality. Participants gain a sense of pride and connection to their clothes, promoting a deeper appreciation for the value of each garment.

- **Social Cohesion:** By promoting community participation and collaboration, the playground model fosters a sense of belonging and shared responsibility towards sustainable fashion. It creates opportunities for networking, skill-sharing, and mutual support.

- **Inspiring Industry Transformation:** As more individuals experience the joy of circular fashion through the playground model, there is potential for a ripple effect that encourages designers, brands, and retailers to adopt circular principles in their operations.

To Conclude

Embracing circular fashion through the playground model can be a transformative journey. By playing with clothes, repairing and repurposing them, exploring circular methods, and learning about fashion waste, we become active participants in shaping a more sustainable future for the fashion industry. Let us step into this joyful playground and rewrite the story of fashion, one circular stitch at a time. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the planet while expressing our unique styles in harmony with the environment.

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