Best of the Best Swap Recap!

Best of the Best Swap Recap!

Swappers really brought their best!

Why Swap?

Clothing has turned into a disposable commodity, directly contributing to climate change, gender inequality, social injustices, The average NYC household throws away about 120 pounds of textiles a year, amounting to approximately 13 Brooklyn Bridges of clothing, shoes, linens, and accessories in total. Additionally, 10 times as much textile waste is being thrown away before consumers see the products.

Circular fashion, such as swapping clothes, keeps clothes out of landfills, helps to eliminate disposable fashion all while encouraging personal style and self expression. Reclypt is educating and engaging New Yorkers on all things circular fashion, such as clothing swaps, vintage stores, and upcycle brands, like Indigo Style Vintage.

A clothing swap is a gathering of people who exchange their valued but no longer used clothing for “new” clothing they will use from someone else’s wardrobe. These swaps are an impactful and low cost way to extend the life of our clothes, divert textiles from landfills, mix up your wardrobe, and meet like-minded people.

See you at the next one!

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