5 Reasons Our Planet Needs Upcycled Fashion

5 Reasons Our Planet Needs Upcycled Fashion

We all love upcycled fashion for one reason or another (personally, I love that it promotes personal style), but upcycling is more than aesthetically pleasing, it's necessary if we want to keep calling this planet our home.

In case you needed more reasons to love upcycled fashion, here are 5.

  1. Reduces carbon emissions

     The fashion industry uses more energy than the aviation and shipping industries combined, accounting for about 10% of global carbon emissions.

     Upcycled fashion emits less energy than recycled and new materials.

  2. Reduces the Greenhouse Effect

     Whether you donate, resell, or toss, 85% of clothing ends up in a landfill. Textiles in landfills speed up the Greenhouse Effect.

     Upcycled fashion diverts textiles from landfills.

  3. Reduces waste contributing to climate change

    We are buying more clothing and wearing them less, creating an enormous waste problem.

    It's believed that 20% of clothes are never worn.

    Upcycled fashion repurposes what we don't wear.

  4. Reduces water usage

    Making one cotton shirt uses 710 gallons of water, which is the same as someone's drinking water for 2.5 years. Making a pair of jeans takes about 1,050 gallons of water.

     Upcycled fashion circulates materials that already exists.

  5. Reduces water pollution

    Chemical runoff from clothing dyes leak into soil and water rendering it toxic and unable to be used. Additionally, more than 90 percent of sea salt sold across the world contains microplastics.

     Upcycled fashion increases the usage of clothes.


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