This piece is a one-of-a-kind piece painted by Ona, using a hand-made stencil. Pop it in the washer and dryer, these pieces are made with love, and are designed to last. The intention behind Ona;s pieces is to make something that becomes a staple in your closet with a unique flare. These pieces are here to bring you joy, as you live in them, bringing them to life!

Ona is a tactile person, and enjoys picking garments that are quality, and only creates on natural fibers such as cotton + hemp. The environmental impact of washing synthetic fibers is alarming, as each wash of a synthetic produces micro plastics which eventually end up in the water table and are injested by nearby humans and the surrounding flora and fauna.

Ona only buys her paints in bulk, therefore saving on plastic waste in packaging and containers. She also buys from a brand that uses the least number of toxic metals in their manufacturing production.

When it comes to sourcing, Ona buys only used garments, traveling far and wide, from New Hampshire to Queens to pick unique pieces.

This is a one-woman operation, going strong after 2.5 years. Shoulder to shoulder – 17 in

Full Length – 25 in

Full Width – 17.5 in


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